If supply chain risk management is your job, you should attend Resiliency 2018



March 6 & 7, 2018

San Francisco, CA

Resilinc presents, in partnership with the Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council,

Resiliency 2018 – RESILIENCY beyond  RISK

We are taking risk to the next level in 2018. We experienced a year full of massive disruptions in physical as well as cyber space. As the supply chain risk landscape evolves, our capabilities to play in this new landscape needs to as well.We are creating an exciting event with hands on workshops and a range of sessions covering all areas of risk such as visibility, business continuity, cyber security, quality and compliance. This event is a great opportunity for you to learn from innovators and thought leaders, but most importantly from each participant practitioner.


Keynote Speakers:
  • Michael C Galluzzi, NASA
  • Jon Boyens, NIST
Featured Speakers:
  • Tony Moraes, Marsh
  • Ann Barry, Juniper Networks
  • Jay Anderson and Elvis, Patheon
  • Deepak Paluru, Dentsply
  • Eric Knothe, Micron Technology
  • Jim Rice, MIT
  • James Davis, Juniper Networks
  • Michelle Dinsdale, Bose Corporation
  • Melissa Bouilly, Dell
  • Joanne Jaeger, Johnson and Johnson
  • Lang Ware, AIAG

This event is also a great opportunity to showcase your product and offerings. Here’s how you can sponsor the event and include your brand as a part of this conference.

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