Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council Governance Model

Governance & Membership

Founding Board Members will provide strategic guidance concerning the focus and direction of the Council, as well as funding and other administrative matters.
Principal Members will provide input to the Founding Board Members and take leadership roles in Council SIGs.
General Members will contribute and share ideas, opinions, and content/data via the online community and event forums. Currently the Council has over 1,200 general members and there is an open general membership policy. Interested individuals within the business community and academia that wish to become a member of the community can do so by joining the LinkedIn discussion group by the same name.
Principal Sponsor. While Resilinc remains the technical advisor and principal sponsor, the Council is incorporated independently as a Not-for-Profit. The plan is to build a dedicated staff.

“The supply chain resiliency movement deserves an enduring industry organization behind it with formal leadership and dedicated staff that doesn’t depend solely on the efforts of volunteers.”


Founder and CEO



Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council Founding Members

Bill Hurles – Former Executive Director of SC, General Motors; Executive Director of the Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council
Bindiya Vakil – CEO, Resilinc
John O’Connor – VP SC Transformation, Cisco
Patricia Turney – Exec Director SC, Amgen
Bill Hall – Sr Director SC, Fiat Chrysler Automotive
Vonnie French VP SC, Palo Alto Networks
Colin Kessinger – MD E2E Analytics
Lee Young  Dir. Supplier Quality, Thermo Fisher (Life Technologies)
Gary Lynch  Author, CEO The Risk Project
Sandor Boyson – Univ. Maryland
Dale Rogers – Arizona State University
Jim Rice – MIT
Ann Grackin  CEO, ChainLink Research
Eric Dwinells  Sr. Director SC, Bose
Rubik Babakanian VP SC, Western Digital
Steve Darendinger – VP SC, Juniper Networks
Bruce Richardson – Chief Enterprise Strategist,
Louis Ferretti – VP SC, IBM
Joe Carson – VP Procurement, Micron

Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council Principal Members

Mark Graham – Sr. Director SC Operations, Juniper Networks
Lee Wolfe – Dir. Risk Management, NetApp
Rod MacLea – Dir. SC, Amgen
Craig Fix – Dir. Procurement, DENTSPLY
Michelle Dinsdale  Manager SC Resiliency, Bose
Matt Mills – Principal Program Manager Global SC, EMC
Rachel Yabut  Manager SC Resiliency, Palo Alto Networks

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