The Ultimate Guide – Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Executive Overview


1. Planning Phase

1.1. Business Case

1.1.1. Statement of Purpose and Goals

1.1.2. Business Strategy Alignment

1.1.3. Overcoming Investment Objections

1.1.4. Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis

1.2. Program Scope

1.2.1. Business Context

1.2.2. Program Scope Dimensions

1.3. Core Program Services

1.4. Core Service Metrics

1.5. Technology Plan

1.6. Program Office Team, Governance, and Stakeholders

1.7. Timeline and Key Milestones

1.8. Program Funding

1.9. Charter

2. Implementation Phase

2.1. People

2.2. Process

2.2.1. Risk Intelligence Service Supply Chain Network Mapping Supplier/Node Data Collection

2.2.2. Risk Analysis Service Risk Identification Risk Criteria Risk Appetite/Tolerance Risk Scoring

2.2.3. Risk Treatment and Response Risk Mitigation Risk Crises Preparation Risk Recovery Preparation

2.2.4. Risk Monitoring & Response Event Monitoring Supplier Monitoring Risk Tactical Response

2.3. Technology

3. Institutionalization Phase

3.1. Program Monitoring and Management

3.2. Working with Governance and Senior Leadership

3.3. Team Motivation and Incentives

3.4. Operationalizing Supply Chain Resiliency and Risk Management

3.5. Positioning the Program for Future Success


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